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What Is Armoring? - Materials, procedures, and expertise to guarantee your protection

Armoring a vehicle means providing it with bullet-resistant materials and purposeful security implements to repel an attack or take flight. Armoring usually incorporates the following elements:

  • Change of auto glass for bulletproof glass.
  • A plating system of steel or other bullet-resistant materials in:
    • Passenger compartment: Doors, roof, floor, front and back, posts and pillars.
    • Battery
    • Gas tank
  • Tire protection vs. punctures
  • Defense system that releases skin and eye irritant spray around the vehicle.
  • Siren and strobe lights to call the attention in case of attack.
  • Satellite vehicle tracking system.
  • Additional security implements, according to each client’s needs and circumstances.

   There are five armoring levels

Every one of them provides protection against different gun calibers and potencies, and some of them have a variant. To learn more about armoring levels, click here. If you do not know which level of protection you require click here.

   Armoring times

The armoring process takes 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the armoring level. click here to learn about the stages of the armoring process.

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To guarantee the quality that a product such as armor demands –on which lives depend– we follow a strict set of guidelines grouped into four concepts:

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