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New Armoring Technologies - Glass and steel with increased resistance

Lives depend on our armoring. This reason prompts us to maintain permanent monitoring of the progress made in armoring technology around the world, especially in its two most important components: ballistic steel and bulletproof glass.

Along the course of over two decades since our foundation, we have tested the materials from the most outstanding domestic and foreign suppliers, until selecting those that have proved to be the very best, armoring after armoring.

   Bulletproof glass

Our bulletproof glass supplier is AGP, world leader in the industry, who designs for us an OEM version, called Nader Glass, which incorporates its most innovative technologies. Multi-hit B33 glass stands out among such innovations.

AGP Multi-hit B33 Bulletproof Glass

This bulletproof glass represents a major innovation in the world of armor: It withstands more impact while it is lighter and slimmer. Its resistance is up to six times that of traditional bulletproof glass, easily exceeding the provisions of any armoring standard.

It can withstand multiple hits to smaller areas and higher calibers. For instance, the most resistant glass from this line can withstand up to three hits from assault rifles as powerful as an M193, with a distance between impacts as small as 7 cm.

It weighs 20% less than traditional bulletproof glass and is more durable—so much that we guarantee it for 5 years. It is certified by the National Institute of Justice of the U.S. and loosely exceeds the international standards for bulletproof glass. The following are the characteristics of the two available Multi-hit B33 gauges:

22mm Multi-hit B33 43mm Multi-hit B33
Used in armoring level III-B33. Used in armoring level V-B33.

Withstands the following projectiles:

  • .357 Magnum JSP
  • .44 Magnum SWC
  • 9mm FMJ
  • .44 Magnum JSP
  • And lesser

Withstands the following projectiles:

  • 5.56 x 45mm FMJ
  • M193 – SS 109
  • 7.62 x 39 mm FMJ
  • And lesser

Multiple bullet impact:

  • Withstands multiple hits that are 5 cm apart

Multiple bullet impact:

  • Withstands up to 3 hits at least 7 cm apart

Additional resistance:

  • Four AK47 7.62 x 39mm Lead core bullet impacts shot at least 4 cm apart
  • One AR15 5.56 x 45mm bullet impact and M193

   Ballistic Steel

Our range of ballistic steel is from a U.S. supplier with extensive experience in specializing in metals for combat, whose products are all independently certified by the National Institute of Justice of the U.S. Their products have been used to armor vehicles worldwide, from civilian cars to military vehicles that have to withstand the most sophisticated weapons in the toughest conditions due to their military nature.

Ballistic steel represents a field of specialty in the metal industry, which has evolved since the times warriors used metal armor. The quality of ballistic steel has been improved over the course of history through metal alloys.

Protecto Glass employs only the most advanced ballistic steel alloys, which have high metal concentrations that significantly increase their resistance level, such as manganese or titanium, all to provide the highest protection in a context as is the current situation in Mexico, where the presence of guns and their piercing potential are steadily increasing.

Raw materials are not everything, though: Knowledge and experience are required not only for selecting the appropriate gauge of ballistic steel for each armor, but also, and more fundamentally, to manipulate it (cut it, bend it, shape it to the needs of each vehicle) in such a way that its hardness and protection qualities are preserved.

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