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Armoring For Governments - Protection for continuing social work

Our commitment to governments

Mexico is currently undergoing a critical situation, in the midst of which the different governmental levels are conducting a crusade against organized crime. At Protecto Glass we know that this task poses serious risks to public safety employees and officials in general, at the federal, state, and municipal levels. We have developed solutions for them that are specifically designed to maximize the level of security that each entity is able to afford with the budget allocated for this purpose, be it vehicles for secure transport of personnel or units for combat in the field.

Our range of armored vehicles includes discreetly armored low-cost cars for municipal governments in smaller towns, armored trucks for goods transport, armored executive vehicles, and armored assault vehicles specially designed to combat crime in the field.

   Our advice

We carefully advise each institution or government about the armoring levels that suit their transport needs best, and where appropriate, we give training in security to the personnel in charge of operating the armored trucks.

   Our quality

Our armoring materials are certified by laboratories renowned worldwide and we stand behind them with the best warranty in the business: Up to 5 years with unlimited mileage plus zero ballistic gaps.

   Experience in tenders

We have participated in numerous tenders and purchase contests, both in the public and private sectors. Should you wish to invite us to tender, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Request a quote

Our service is as personalized as are the armoring type and level that you need:  We listen to your concerns, determine the optimal security/investment balance that you require, and we prepare a quote and present it to you at your home or office.

Contact us so we can devise together the best plan for your security.

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Armored van for public employees