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Cabin And Truck Armoring - Protection for goods in transit

Protecting goods against organized crime

There are goods and products that are very valuable in spite of their smaller size (such as appliances or certain drugs, to name a few), which make freight transported by truck a tempting target for criminals as well as representing an excellent business opportunity in the black market. As is known, the theft of trucks loaded with this sort of goods has become a growing criminal mode in recent years.

   Our advice

In this scenario, armoring and protecting transport trucks is a necessity for many industries. At Protecto Glass we have the experience in truck armoring and protection: As appropriate in each case, we armor the truck cabin or the whole truck, and provide it with elements such as global GPS tracking.

We carefully advise each company about the armoring levels that suit their transport needs best, and where appropriate, we give training in security to the personnel in charge of operating the armored trucks.

   Our quality

Our armoring materials are certified by laboratories renowned worldwide and we stand behind them with the best warranty in the business: Up to 5 years with unlimited mileage plus zero ballistic gaps.

   Did you know that armoring lowers the cost of insurance?

In many industrial and business lines, having armored vehicles is an element that contributes to reduce the fees of various types of insurance.

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Our service is as personalized as are the armoring type and level that you need:  We listen to your concerns, determine the optimal security/investment balance that you require, and we prepare a quote and present it to you at your home or office.

Contact us so we can devise together the best plan for your security.

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Armored truck for goods transportation