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Armoring Process - Perfection in Protection: We look after every single detail

The armoring process takes 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the armoring level. During this time the vehicle is disassembled almost completely to build in the ballistic protection layer. Then it is reassembled and the security implements are installed, taking care that the finishes remain identical to the original factory finish so that the armor is not noticeable.


All glass and vehicle interiors are carefully disassembled and removed in order to prepare the vehicle for armoring.

We take note of the smallest details so as to reinstate them later, during the reassembly phase. The disassembled parts are kept in a safe place during the armoring process.


The modified parts of the vehicle are painted to restore their original appearance. The paint is the same as the vehicle’s factory make. We put great care into paint application so that the vehicle looks exactly as it did when leaving the car dealer.


The passenger cabin, posts and pillars, battery, and gas tank are covered in some bulletproof material such as ballistic steel or aramid fibers. Bulletproof glass is set and the irritant spray system and security implements are installed. Our work methodology is particularly strict in this stage, which ensures that there are no ballistic gaps.


The vehicle interiors are put back in place, paying special attention to reinstating its original appearance. Other security implements are installed, such as siren, strobe lights, and intercom system with the vehicle exterior.