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Violence in Mexico

Over one million serious crimes are committed every year in Mexico. Crimes are roughly classified into the following categories and amount to:

Chart with the different types of crimes in Mexico
  • 62,000 homicides.
  • 3,900 kidnappings.
  • 19,800 extortions.
  • 771,000 violent robberies, of which 170,000 are carjacking crimes.

If you are exposed to risk of violence, either by your social standing, profession, or just because you need to move through dangerous areas, an armored vehicle can be the essential tool in developing a security strategy for you and your family.

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These are the armoring levels we provide

Against robbery and assault

Level III

More details Against robbery and assault

Against kidnapping and life attempt

Levels IV and up

More details gainst kidnapping and life attempt

For companies

Executive cars, fleets…

More details Executive cars, fleets…


For governments

More details

Security vehicles; transportation of government officials

For governments


Cabin and truck armoring

More details

Security for goods transportation

Cabin and truck armoring

Sources of statistical information on this page: Calculations from index data of visible and invisible victims of serious crime, México Evalúa, Centro de Análisis de Políticas Públicas, A.C. [Mexico Evaluates, Center for Public Policy Analysis], August 2011.