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Manufacturing - Guidelines for armor manufacturing

Armor manufacturing is the most critical point in creating the protection system because the quality of the protection provided is contingent on this stage. In manufacturing we focus on three elements:

Particularity and complexity of the vehicle

  • Each vehicle poses different degrees of complexity in the disassembly of its parts, the inclusion of the armored elements, and its reassembly. Therefore, before starting the process we make a list of all details to look after and the expected risks.

Particularity and complexity of the armor and its security accessories

  • The armor design defined for each client sets down the armor characteristics and the number of implements it will include. These elements pose challenges not only in terms of assembly but also in preserving the balance, power, and agility of the vehicle.  All this should be anticipated, taken into account, and resolved at this stage.

Assembly and control

  • Each vehicle and design is approached meticulously with expert handwork and clearly established control procedures that verify the proper resolution of all the risks and challenges posed by your vehicle and its quality armoring. Our plant experts have an average of between 9 and 10 years of work experience in their field.

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