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Armoring vs. kidnapping And Life Attempts - Maximum protection against organized crime

Kidnapping in Mexico

Every year nearly four thousand kidnappings are recorded in Mexico, without taking into account express kidnappings. Although kidnappings happen throughout the national territory, the most affected states are Tamaulipas and Michoacan.

   Which armoring level is recommendable?

Kidnappings and life attempts are typically perpetrated by organized crime in pursuit of a specific objective that requires advance and coordinated preparation, involving the use of long guns. The highest armoring levels (Levels IV to VII) withstand the projectiles of such weapons (click here to learn more about armoring levels).

   Vehicles that can bear it

6-cylinder cars (and up) and vans.


The average cost of this type of armor is 30,000 USD and up.

   Which armoring level do I need?

The armoring level should be commensurate with your actual risk level. To learn about the procedure and standards we follow to define your risk level, please visit the Determining your risk level section.

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Aromerd van protected against kidnappings and life attempts